About Us

About Us

We Have The Right Products to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Premium Art was established and has been operational since 1993 in the UAE, mainly in Dubai and Sharjah. Initially, the company was focused on aluminum - architectural cladding, curtain walls, glass, doors, windows, skylight, structural aluminum, and stainless steel. At present, our group has diversified into civil construction, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), interior & joinery fit-outs, steel building, warehouses, building maintenance, material trading and project consultancy.
In every project, our designers illustrate their proficiency and undertake the responsibility to ensure that all the specified material meet both economic and technical requirements. We provide every project with the finest and most optimal engineering technology.

Company Philosophy

Premium Art recognizes and places great emphasis on our primary values and principles that serve as a cornerstone of our success. These values are INNOVATION, QUALITY, and EXCELLENCE. We are ready and prepared to support the needs of our clients with an experienced and well-trained workforce. Also, we operate on building a long-lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and respect.


Our vision is to undergo every assignment with the aim to provide complete customer satisfaction while keeping in mind an overall profitable solution in the market.


We employ a team of experienced design engineers, supervisory staff, and fully trained technicians, who can assist in the design, fabrication and installation of the complex projects. Safety in our manufacturing facilities and on-site is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we invest wisely in the right equipment to ensure the absence of accidents occurring. Cooperation regarding safety issues and the requirements of our contractor’s safety is our prime aim.

Aluminium & Glass Works

We, at Premium Art, proudly present a substantial contribution to the field of engineering as one of the most significant architectural and market leaders in enveloping and glazing contracting, in addition to aluminum and glass fabrication and installation in UAE. We utilize the most sophisticated and modern aluminum architectural products and provide the clients with the best engineering solutions, designs, manufacturing, and installation of all types of façade systems. We use the most advanced high-end software applications for designing and detailing processes that build and maintain the accuracy and speed of our products, keeping our cutting-edge solutions at a peak above the rest. We always aim for diversification and having a well-equipped workshop supported by a team of highly skilled workers.

Professional Partition & False Ceiling Services

Premium Art provides professional services for office partitions, house partitions, false partition walls, internal partition walls, fabric partition walls, false gypsum ceilings, E-board false ceilings, PVC wall panels, PVC room dividers and PVC false ceiling design. We hire the most experienced technicians to provide best services in the area of false partitioning and suspended ceiling to maintain high-standards services. Our technicians have brilliant partition ideas and wall partition designs that can accommodate existing building architecture and also propose designs for new buildings. Our technicians are specialized in partitioning and suspended ceilings in all UAE cities. We focus on quality to provide a maximum level of customer satisfaction.

Professional Painting and Decorating Services

Our staff includes professional painters who can provide all painting services. We always aim to satisfy our customers by utilizing high-quality painting products and providing excellent service. We choose the best products to meet our customer requirements and quality standards. This is the reason why we excel among professional painting companies in Dubai and UAE. Every customer yearns a luxury home with first class decoration and paint finishing. Home painting and home decoration reflect our family properties like nature, taste, standard of living and personality of the owner. The ceiling is part of roof decoration. We provide simple and outstanding ceiling paint ideas. We have professional painters and decorators to meet our customer desire. We offer the best and most professional painting services for homes and offices. We are aware that every industry in the UAE demands international standards and best professional skills for home and office painting. This is the Premium Art standard in their services. All you need is to contact us using a variety of means listed on our Contact us page.

We are Professional

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We are Trusted

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